St. Timothy Catholic Church

1515 Dolan Avenue | San Mateo, CA 94401 | (650) 342-2468

Under One Roof

The Campaign for St. Timothy

Imagine A Place

Imagine an enhanced place for learning and where we connect with one another in fellowship and celebration.

A Place for Learning

Our renewed Parish Center/School Gymnasium will enhance educational opportunities for our students in a safe environment.

School assemblies, guest speakers, intramural & team sports and other events held in our renewed space limited only by our imagination.

A Place to Connect

Our renewed Parish Center/School Gymnasium will be a place where, under one roof, we connect with one another for school activities and instill team work and camaraderie through athletic games and events.

A Place to Celebrate

Our renewed Parish Center/School Gymnasium will be a place where community and fellowship comes alive. Imagine a place for parish and school fund raisers, a teen dance; or, an event celebrating your child’s graduation.

Our Vision

To keep pace with an ever-changing world, we seek to prepare our students as global citizens of the 21st century. Over the past seven years with support of our parent community we have:

  • Introduced new student-centered technologies.
  • Adopted new curricula to support engaged 21st century learning.
  • Implemented new extra-curricular enrichment offerings, such as coding, martial arts, and theater.
  • Invested more than $300,000 in targeted physical improvements.
  • But there is so much more that we can do!

Our Parish Center/School Gymnasium

Having served the St. Timothy community since 1961, our Parish Center/School Gymnasium is more than basketball and bingo.

More than four generations of the St. Timothy community have used our parish center/gymnasium for a multitude of events and activities - drama and musicals, holiday celebrations, assemblies, athletics and fundraisers.

Under One Roof

58 years of daily use, long-deferred maintenance and lack of accessibility for people with disabilities compromise our parish center/school gymnasium’s usability. 

Under One Roof is an exciting endeavor to renew and modernize our Parish Center/Gymnasium - to be more conducive to the many activities that define us as a community. We invite you to be part of Under One Roof.

Our renewal and modernization plan entails a range of planned initiatives to include: 

  • New Flooring
  • Window Replacement
  • Interior Painting
  • ADA Compliant Restrooms
  • Ceiling Replacement
  • New Stage Lighting & Curtains
  • Table/Chair Replacement
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • New Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Safety & Security Improvements

Contingent upon funding, construction is scheduled for the summer of 2020 with completion later next fall.

Our Financial Challenge

In consultation with our parish/school design team, our architect and archdiocesan representatives a fiscally prudent construction plan has been developed encompassing the following initiatives:

Renewal Initiative Estimated Cost
Gymnasium Retrofit $556,872
Restrooms/Storage $258,648
Fitzpatrick Hall Retrofit $94,083
ADA Entrance Ramp $75,000
Soft Costs
(Permits, Fees, Architect)
Contingency $192,973
Total $1,479,461

The Campaign

To meet costs of our renewal plan entails allocation of $500,000 in savings and conducting a joint parish and school-wide campaign with a goal of raising $1.0 million in pledges. This is where you come in!

We ask you to make a bold commitment in support of Under One Roof. Through your generous support, together, we will renew and modernize our parish center/gymnasium

An Invitation to Support Under One Roof

We invite you to contribute to Under One Roof—The Campaign for St. Timothy. The following gift plans are a guideline, which may help you determine your commitment. Please give thoughtful consideration to being a part of our wonderful future. St. Timothy needs you!

10% Initial
$ 50,000 $ 5,000 $ 15,000 $ 7,500 $ 3,750 $ 1,250
$ 25,000 $ 2,500 $ 7,500 $ 3,750 $ 1,875 $ 625
$ 15,000 $ 1,500 $ 4,500 $ 2,250 $ 1,125 $ 375
$ 10,000 $ 1,000 $ 3,000 $ 1,500 $ 750 $ 250
$ 5,000 $ 500 $ 1,500 $ 750 $ 375 $ 125
$ 3,000 $ 300 $ 900 $ 450 $ 225 $ 75
$ 1,500 $ 150 $ 450 $ 225 $ 113 $ 38

Gifts to Under One Roof are payable up to a three-year period and are payable in cash, electronic bank transfers or by credit card. All gifts will be greatly appreciated and personally acknowledged.

Please Make Checks Payable to: 

St. Timothy Building Fund 

1515 Dolan Avenue
San Mateo, CA  94401
Phone: (650) 342-6567


Or, to contribute online: 


Check with your employer for matching gift opportunities.
Or, contact the campaign office at 650-342-6567 for additional information.

Questions and Answers

Why are we conducting a campaign?

Projected construction costs far exceed excess funding from parish offertory and school tuition. A parish/school-wide campaign is the most practical and expedient way in which we can obtain project funding. 

What are expectations for the Parish & School?

We are ONE CHURCH, ONE SCHOOL, and ONE COMMUNITY. It is our hope we will STRENGTHEN our firm foundation by investing our time and financial resources so we will grow and thrive well into the future. 

How can I participate?

We invite you to pledge your support over a period of up to three years. A wide range of giving levels provides both flexibility and time to fulfill your commitment. Because our needs are urgent, we encourage you to make your contribution to our campaign as soon as possible . To make your pledge simply complete a pledge card including your personal information, gift amount, payment terms and timeline for fulfillment